Mediterranean Beach S.A. The company is dedicated to the promotion and sale of houses
for more than 25
years in the provinces
of Alicante and Murcia,
both for coastal areas and for freshwater areas.
One of the fundamental policies of the company is to offer products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices.
Traditionally homebuyers Mediterranean Beach, have made ​​great investments, achieving high returns by optimizing for money.
The company has its own technical team, designed from detached adapted to specific needs and tastes of the buyer, to cheap apartments high quality and low price.
both houses to the letter, as in any other cases the company will always seek the maximum utilization of housing per m2, and the functionality and quality in all its products. Solvency demonstrated by the company for years, and the large amount of land available to us today, we are motivated to keep looking to the future with new and interesting projects.
Homebuilding custom built homes.
estate developments
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